October 18, 2009

That's Disturb My Feelng

Today...I was thinking about u that is closest to me.
i know, we sometimes have some trouble.
but, what can I say to you mbem.

I know that sometimes I have made decisions myself about our relationships.
I know that maybe you see my 'ignorance' and run away from contacting you,
I know it is harsh and may hurt of you.
However, I have been hurt so many times and now I do not even forgive.
I'm Sorry..

I know I always say we should forgive and forget and I do practice it.
Then comes a time, when I feel that you are not listening to me.
There comes a time, when you will not see the bigger picture.
There comes a time, when I am right (it happens sometimes) and you may be wrong.

I want to make things better but you may keep repeating the same things again and again.
I want you to find the right exit but you keep going round and round the roundabout.

and Now..
I open my eyes and see the clear picture..
you may have your eyes open but you have a blurred vision...
When I have used up all my energy and I beg that you make the right choice.
This comes the end of the 'forgiving and forgetting' stage.
I'm sorry to you then I do not ignore you again...

Do you think I like ignoring you? I dislike it.
I want to feel loves just like everyone else does.
I want to feel needed just like everyone does.
YOu may Know that I am not ashamed to say that I want to love u and need u.

I know that I give you so many chances and I make you feel loved and needed,
but Why..
When I need you...why i'm never felt that you 're really really here?
When I need to show you my love...why are your eyes not looking at my love?
When I want you close to me...why do you run away from me?
When I run away - how can you get close to me?

I may be distant but I am the closest to you always,

Take care and lots of love to u...